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Q. Hardcore
If the hardcore beneath the existing area is found to be good and to the correct levels this will not be disturbed but will be re-compacted as required. If this is not the case, new MOT roadstone will be put on to the area, as required.

Q. After the drive has been washed off, it has gone lighter and the colour has disappeared
This is normal during the drying out period, which can take from three to fourteen days dependant upon the weather. Sealing brings out the colour again.

Q. The edges of some of the pattern are chipping off and cracks appear in the pattern
This is caused by aggregate rotation on the edge of the pattern, considered to be a normal part of the hand-moulded process and fissures caused by pressure on the surface.

Q. Shading difference.
Caused by variation in wetness of the formulation and will normally balance down over time somewhat, although the essence of the product is to create a natural effect that is multi shaded.

Q. Difference between pours of base colours
This can be caused by changes in sand, aggregate and cement and can occur with only a one hour difference in pouring times. Other climatic conditions such as heat, sunlight or breeze can also cause shading. This normally disappears as the formulation chemically hardens over the first twelve months.

Q. Control joints
These are placed to split the area down into design bay sizes and are placed at weak junctions i.e. Footpaths, protruding junctions of brickwork etc. These are filled with black or brown polysulphide silicone mastic that has excellent adhesion properties.

Q. Sealer coat is shiny
The company uses a mid gloss sealer which gives a finish that has a reasonable life span. It has a high solids in suspension content. The sealer will slowly become satin with age and air abrasion.

Q. My newly sealed drive holds water when others are dry
This is similar to a new-waxed car as surface tension causes the water to hold in large globules. As the sealer dries and air abrades the surface tension will be broken and this problem ceases.

Q. Powder washed off is lying on my garden and lawn
This is the residual powder, being organic and derived from rape seed. Most will be removed at the cleaning stage and the remainder will dissolve over time and with rain showers.

Q. When can I park on the drive
Ideally the unsealed formulation should not be parked upon until it has been sealed. If you have to drive over the formulation, at least four days must have elapsed in summer only. Longer in the winter months. Do not park on the drive unnecessarily so as to avoid oil spillage. After sealing, ideally two days should elapse. The sealed surface can be walked upon within two or three hours.

Q. Surface hairline cracks
The product in the majority of cases will remain crack free. However, no guarantee against cracking is given and where this may occur is not detrimental to the overall stability of the drive.

Q. Bubbles have appeared after the drive has been sealed
This is caused by evaporation of solvent from the sealer and can occur for some period after application.

Q. Maintenance
The seal on the driveway will have considerably longer life if it is kept clean. Grit build up can break the sealer surface particularly where the car is parked in one position. Regular hosing with an additional soft soap wash will keep the driveway in good condition.

Q. My neighbour’s or my own garden has been left higher than the surrounding drive etc.
Realignment of the surrounding garden/lawn will normally not be undertaken unless previously agreed at point of sale.

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